What is MudShark?

MudShark is the next generation onscreen take off software for delivering precise earthwork estimates in record time. It allows you to easily calculate, track and analyse material for your earthworks projects in a richly interactive fully 3D environment.

Who's it for?

MudShark can be used to calculate bulk earthworks for earthwork contractors, quantity surveyors, estimators, builders, landscapers and more. Simple enough for the occasional user to be productive while still containing enough functionality under the hood to satisfy power users.

Whether you calculate earthwork volumes every day or every month MudShark will work with you to save you time and money. If you have to know how much soil is being moved around a construction site then MudShark is for you.


How does it work?

MudShark allows you to effortlessly build a 4D model defining how the site currently looks and how you want the site to look after all earthworks are complete. This information is used by MudShark's advanced solid modelling engine to perform simulations of the earthworks. The end result is a richly visual and very precise representation of all your cut and fill, stripping respread and simple structure foundations.

Why Mudshark
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